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Focus & Resource Sites

Lawyer Website Development

A Focus & Resource Site is a multi-page website that focuses on one area-of-practice and has the following features:

A Micropage is a single-page website with the following features:

  • Vanity domain name
  • Practice-area-specific and geographic-location-specific content
  • Image banner or content slider
  • S.E.O.-focused content

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A Microsite is a multi-page web site with the following features:

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A Fullsite is like a Microsite, only with more page and feature possibilities.  

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More Services from Attorney Web Solutions

Attorney Web Solutions provides web design and webmaster services to clients who do not have in-house staff to maintain their websites, or to those who are able to make day-to-day updates in-house but require occasional assistance with larger projects.

Each arrangement is individually suited to the client's needs, but some basic services we provide include:

Lead-generating Directories

Lead-generating directories are a network of targeted domains and .coms in which a visitor can filter lawyers out based on their geographical location. This effectively directs clients searching in your area for a lawyer(s) to you!

Webmaster Services

Website Redesign

If your website looks like it was built 10 years ago, it is probably time for a redesign. A new, fresh design can tell visitors that your website has not been collecting dust. It will also invite them to stay longer and increase the chances for them to contact you from your site.

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Resource Site

Resource Sites are sites with information and resources about specific types of case work (DUI, Bankruptcy, Immigration, etc...).