Full Website

A full website is a collection of web pages which are meant to showcase a firm, its practice areas, and perhaps even the attorneys within that firm. Common pages may include Contact Us, About Us (or About the Firm), and can include pages of testimonials, cases, etc....

  • Friendly keyword optimzed URLs
  • Static pages and content
  • Slider (3-5 slides) with possible text content for each slide
  • Practice-area-specific pages
  • Individual attorney profiles
  • C.M.S. available!
  • Design complexity increases
  • Optional "on-page-load" testimonials (randomizes testimonial when page is loaded)
  • Customization of images and content to make site more personal/specific to you!
  • C.M.S. available!
  • Mobile-optimized responsive design
  • Optional testimonial (or any randomized content) "cycle-through"
  • Customized design meant to fit any existing branding/web design
  • Text-magnifier widget (being used on the right of this page)
Package Level Comparison Table Standard Gold Platinum
Individual attorney/firm profiles
Practice-area-specific pages
Text/image content
Template design and layout with minimal customizations    
Customized design  
Content Management System  
Randomized testimonials  
Cycling/rotating testimonials    
Existing brand/site imitation    
Additional/special design elements and effects    
Text-magnifier widget