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Landing Page Optimization: The Micropage



We use the most common search terms for a local area (city or county) married to the area of practice. 

I.E. Miami Murder Lawyer = Miamimurderlawyer.com


What is a micropage?

A micropage is a website, albeit a small one. It usually consists of one, or at most a few, web pages which are most often used along with a full website to provide more information on a given service. Micropages can play a key role in helping users find what they need. By focusing an idea or service and providing useful information about that idea or service, a micropage can be an east-to-scan resource with a clean and clear path to the information being sought after.

How is a micropage going to benefit me?

Branding micropages can easily help brand a service in a way that is unique from the "mother" brand visually and informationally. An example would be a law firm introducing a service to a new audience. Using a microsite can help focus information for the new audience, instead of shouting the information out to the masses.

Micropages provide a clear path putting a laser focus on some service. Another example would be a lawyer who handles criminal cases. By utilizing a microsite, it becomes the perfect online tool for leading people to a call-to-action, without the distractions of a bunch of unnecessary information. This provides you with a higher response rate, and provides information and direction to someone in need of your services.

Micropages can also be useful when using a vanity domain name. A vanity domain name can be very easy for average users to remember since the domain is more or less what they searched for (i.e. columbusovilawyer.com or phoenixcriminalattorney.com). Vanity domain names, when used correctly with high quality and unique content, may even help S.E.O. With major keywords in the actual domain name, the likelihood that the microsite ranks high in the search engine results is strong.

Increased Online Footprint

When combined with a network of other micropages and a full website, your firm's online footprint is increased. This latticework of webpages may increase each site's releveance in Google. This leads to higher search rankings, more successful organic search results, and a higher conversion rate!

Audience Grabber

A custom-built micropage can generate opportunities to grab your audience through visual components such as professional designs and images, as well as the use of techniques like typography, layout, user-experience/interaction-specific design, etc...

  • static page, content, and "call-to-action" banner
  • text content may be minimally customized
  • generic design and stock images
  • design becomes more advanced (transparencies, stylized fonts, etc...)
  • banner becomes a slider (or a cycling banner; 3-5 slides with possible text captions)
  • optional "on-page-load" testimonials (randomizes testimonial when page is loaded)
  • custom images (of the lawyer/firm) and customized text content
  • mobile-optimized display of page
  • testimonials (or any randomized content) can "cycle through" after page has finished loading
  • design can be themed/customized to imitate existing websites or brands; additional design elements, layouts, and effects added
Package Level Comparison Table Standard Gold Platinum
text/image content
template design with minimal customizations    
customized design  
randomized testimonials  
cycling/rotating testimonials    
existing brand/site imitation    
additional/special design elements and effects    
text-magnifier widget